S-Cubed: Wafer Edge bead exposure, Cleaning and Photoresist Processing Equipment

S-Cubed supports the industry with engineering know-how for equipment and process design. Working directly with semiconductor manufacturers and OEM’s, S-Cubed have designed equipment for specific process requirements that otherwise could not be met.

  • Force300™  Fully automated 300mm process tool, coat and develop.
  • Flexi-PCS WEE Automated Wafer Edge Bead Exposure 4”-12”
  • FotoFab™ Semi Automated Spin Coat/Bake/Chill Processor for Lab Lithography (up to 12″).
  • Flexi-PCS™ Spin coat, Bake and Develop processors, for Lithography Production.
  • TruClean™ systems using double-sided scrubbing (patented) and megasonic technology.
  • Cyclone™ small footprint chemical processing systems, for manual / automatic cleaning or etching applications such as the High Pressure IPA Frame-Mounted Wafer Clean configuration.

Controlled environment (vacuum, oxygen free, etc.) hot plates and systems for up to 450ºC for both photolithographic and other processes requiring programmable and precise substrate heating.

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